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Friday, 9 August 2019

private view...

if you didn't make it to our "Sewing The Seeds" exhibition...then here's taste of the work on show. Some is tricky to photograph as it was framed behind glass, so I selected the easier textiles to snap...

We each made a letter (or two) for the banner, it's amazing how such different techniques look so good together...collaboration is always a winner!

My work was displayed in a little alcove off the main gallery room, which I loved. I was able to set out my stall with pictures and brooches and books, and have space for my larger pieces: my "butterfly net" and butterfly dress.

I really enjoyed creating so many delicate fluttering creatures! Using souble fabrics and layers of net and lace, each one looked as though it was flying, and I really liked the unforeseen effect of their shadows on the net, and their movements as the net shifted lightly in a breeze.

I created a collection of butterflies, moving like sooty moths from the darkness of despair to the light and brightness of hope. The circular shape represents the earth, and the butterflies, the earth’s fragility.

My other pieces were pictures, brooches and books, with butterflies, flowers and seedheads as the theme, in keeping with the overall idea of pollinators and pollination.

More and more I find my work almost creates itself. I start out with ideas, I start off with something happen in a sketchbook, a few words and images appear, then gradually as I sit back and allow, intuition guides my hands and my mind in a new direction. I had no idea where this work was taking me, I would just show up each day and stitch one or two butterflies, as my energy permitted. Then slowly the ideas of how to display them came to me. I knew I wanted to make a corset piece, as that's one of my favourite ways to work in 3D...after that what came was anyone's guess!


In the end, I was very happy...not least because I am working in our group 'Fabricate' with some lovely, talented, kindred spirits and makers, and we all just blend harmoniously together, as does our work...so I hope seeing this small taste of our collaboration will please you too! 
You can find Fabricate on Facebook here...do come along and give us a like and say hello!

Enjoy the rest of this beautiful summer, from my garden full of flowers, butterflies and tranquility...

with love

PS The exhibition is moving to The Gather in Ennerdale