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Sunday, 3 March 2019

where does the time go...

Here we are, at the start of a brand new month of March, spring is galloping in (with 3 days of summer to start the ball rolling!) and probably like yourself, I am not quite sure where the last month or three have gone! I have been keeping a low profile as winter has rolled round, sorting out the house a bit, and keeping up with some gentle drawing, sketching and painting artwork, with a little handstitching for a change.

I think it has been time for a little retreat, time to rest and just take stock of life. Learning to go slower and do less (haha!) which has to be a good thing! More time for looking and appreciating...

My studio has been without heating for a month or so while I awaited the repair of the heating system, but I have had a REALLY REALLY BIG sort out of all my fabrics while I waited for it to be fixed. This was long overdue and I have sent about 10 bags of fabrics for recycling...and it feels great! I went down there each day, took down a colour of fabrics to sort, and slowly but surely it has become clearer and more organised, ready for my own work to start, and creating more space for running my workshops.

So I've kicked off with work for our Fabricate exhibition in June, feeling my way in with some sketchbook playtime...here goes with 2019! And here goes with my new look workshops...please check out details on my website if you fancy some fabric fun!

and here's to spring following winter really soon...

be creative...whatever you do!



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