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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

spring IS coming...

I am sure, all the signs are there, and we even had a week of surprise hot temperatures a few weeks ago. It's bright and cold today as I write, but there are signs of spring everywhere, with cheerful flowers and lambs in the fields. Everything and everyone is feeling the change in energy.

All manner of creatures are coming out into the warmth of the sun...here was a whole bank of ladybirds sunning themselves!

I am so grateful that at last, after 3 slow waiting months, the heat pump for my studio has been repaired and I have proper all round warmth again! Underfloor heating is so efficient - I have been using electric heaters and a coat in the meantime, but it's not really conducive to full on creativity! Hence I mostly did sorting and clearing ...but now, I can get back in properly. Which is just as well as I have lots to get done!

 And as I was waiting, I finally got round to sending off my camera to be cleaned, it had smudgy marks inside which didn't do a lot for my photos...so I am very pleased that I now have it beautifully sorted and I get back to some relaxing photography. I love just going out and about with it on my daily walk, or snapping  away at arty bits and bobs in my studio...I think my first creative love was photography, and I love how digital gives me such instant results.

Our next Fabricate exhibition at Florence Arts Centre, near Egremont here in Cumbria, is 28th June - 10th August, with a Meet the Makers Day on 30th June. The exhibition is called Sewing the Seeds, inspired by an environmental project on the West Coast of Cumbria about Pollinators, and which also illustrates what our group is about: sowing seeds of support for each other, sharing ideas and materials and inspiring others to get creative too... 

My first step was to choose a lovely brand new sketchbook and get painting and printing, I find if you cover your blank pages with colour, then ideas can flow more easily...

and I always enjoy making a cover to suit...this one has some delicious narrow corrugated cardboard and some painted lace, and of course, it has to have stitch!

I find early morning lying in bed brings lots of ideas, then if I have my sketchbook handy in the house I can just scribble them down...lots of words, and even if this is not the direction the work ends up going in, it is a starting point for the unravelling to begin...

I can be relaxed if I have something to look at and be inspired by, it's a kind of distraction for my mind and prevents fear from taking hold! I then begin with some fabric play, getting out boxes of colours, seeing what feels right to work with, and cutting and stitching and sampling...then it starts to get exciting!

Fabricate is also going have a stand at the Textravaganza Fair 8th and 9th June at Rheged, near Penrith in Cumbria. Covering a wide range of textile disciplines from embroidery and mixed media to weaving and felting, this willbe a unique opportunity to meet textile artists from across the North, buy their work, discover the workshops they run, and chat about the materials and techniques they use.  

AND you will be able to see the work of national and international textile artists in Thread: Contemporary Textiles the exhibition which will be running in The Gallery at Rheged from 3rd May - 30th June.

Rheged also hosts the Knit and Stitch show on 4th and 5th May...I've just booked my tickets so I may see you there!

I'm off to get stitching, tho' the garden is also rather tempting!

See you again soon...

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