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Monday, 20 August 2018

a textured life...

High summer and low summer, we've had it all this year, from baking Grecian style hot hot hot to cool rainy soft gentle Cumbrian days. And now as the year tilts down towards autumn, textures and colours abound, wherever your eye alights. 

We've had a pretty strange summer here, with so much change within and without. The village has seen the demolition of a beautiful old barn to make way for new houses, sad for the swifts and owls, but they are going to put up nesting boxes for them, and the stone has been recycled. It is modern life meeting the old ways, and at least there is greater awareness now of wild life. Perhaps new houses will bring new life into the place too. One has to be positive when reality is what it is! To ask for the gift in any situation...even if it's just so bonkers the best thing is just to laugh!

The village had 6 weeks of roadworks while they dug to put in fibre broadband (is that 'High Fibre'?!) where we didn't know if we could get in or out and if so which direction to go in! It was just hilarious...but not so great for local farmers, access for emergencies and getting the bins emptied! But we now potentially have more light available to us! This is the theme of the summer I think, clearing away the old to make way for the new, both personally and in the surroundings, as well as bringing in more light. All that sunshine was pretty high on the light meter!

On a biggger scale, our water has been re-piped so there were also masssive engineering works in all the fields for miles around and huge great machines everywhere, and massive blue pipes lining the greenness which is a very odd sight!

There are new houses popping up in green fields and even my neighbours too replaced an old byre with a smart new storage space. Luckily not on a huge scale, but still change all the same. I rescued that foxglove before the walls came down and it flowered for me in my garden! There is now a nice clean new watertight building which will be well used and loved, like the old one once was.

Here at home we had the builders in to give us lovely new kitchen windows, which was chaotic and messy to say the least, but now we have so much more light and the view is just stunning, I feel like I am in the garden and the landscape! Yes, there is redecorating to do and a new worktop was required...and no we didn't spend £100's on a new one, we found an old flat door and my clever husband rounded the corners and it awaits a coat of paint!!

Keeping sane has been the name of the game...lots of gentle walks and some creativity and reading...and of course sitting in the garden.

Yesterday I took a walk and took photos of some of these lovely shapes and textures seen before I even got out of the top of our lane! There are advantages even to building works...lots of interesting things to inspire!

and I've been in the studio, clearing up and sorting after our exhibition, planning workshops and playing with new ideas. A friend's daughter came round who is in her 2nd year of her textiles degree, and we've had 2 great sessions creating with fabric and paints and stitch together. You just can't beat connecting and playing with other artists, it feeds you both and makes it all much more fun and productive somehow.

so here's to calmer days and more delightful collaborations!

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