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Saturday, 21 July 2018

exhibition and an open day...

hot, hot, hot weather and delicious summer everywhere, and our exhibition all looking good. We all arrived at Florence Arts Centre on 23rd July for a Grand Open Day, or Meet The Maker'...

We set ourselves up indoors and out, to show off what we do - silk painting, spinning, needlfelting by hand and machine, machine embroidery, rag rugging and lino cut printing...so much to see! We had a lovely day, with lots of visitors including those fresh from Woolfest...we had the Florence knitting group in and people showing off their Woolfest stashes in a mini 'show and tell'...or perhaps that should be 'show and confess'! It was a like a party!


Even extreme ironing...outdoors!

It's been lovely to be part of a group of such diverse talents, all creative souls but in different media, mixing our skills and abilities mades for an exhibition showcasing traditional skills but with a 21st century twist.

SO what will be next I wonder? well we'll have a get-together and a cup of tea to talk about the exhibition and see what we'd like to work on, ready for next year! It's great to have something like this to aim for as it really brings focus to our making.

I am back to workshops and planning and making...back in my studio with ideas for some commissioned work. And of course, getting out in the garden, veg patch and further afield to really maker the most summer with my family and friends!

Enjoy your weekend...