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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

a sea change...

I always enjoy a little trawl around the charity shops, inspiration can come from the oddest mix of fabrics, and there are always bargains to be had, 'lashings' of materials in garments, scarves and wraps. Plus I am making a donation to good works. I don't generally confess to the nice lady serving that the lovely blouse is coming home to be chopped up and mashed!

The colours here surprised me as they are not my usual sea tones, rather darker and more sombre, but the browns and blues were perfect together. I adored the repeating circles of the blue scarf, which also gave me bonus blue lace, and so, with a hint of pale gold gleaming underneath and a splash of white foamy lace...it all came together with ease and enjoyment.

I am in the middle of making work for an exhibition so it was lovely to step away from all that for a morning and just play with these fabrics, and slowly , with layering and judicious embellishing it became what it was to be...

the all important thread choosing...which colour will work best? how does this one feel...or that one?

here is is all embellished and ready for some free machine embroidery...more choices as to where and how and how much...this too is an organic process, a little at a time, feeling into what needs to be done

the shells need to be attached somehow, hand stitching will be the way as I don't think glue would be at all appropriate, tempting tho' it is to have a 'quick fix'

a deliciously tactile close up, you can almost feel the fabrics can't you?

I love how the colours blend so nicely together, giving a sense of  sand and sea

and the final piece...oh, apart from the handstitching needed for the shells, I will do that in a quiet moment...very soon!

maybe this will inspire you to dig out those unwanted garments and see the potential in them to be upcycled into something arty too!

happy creating!