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Tuesday, 13 March 2018

fun with a fabric bowl...

well hello March!! where February went I have no idea...perhaps we were just all snowed in, and snowed under with getting through winter... thank goodness for lighter nights and a sense of opening out and greater possibilities. I hope you too are enjoying a sense of spring wherever you are. I have lots of interesting art and textile challenges coming up so I now really need to focus! 

Sooo, to get my creative juices flowing I started with some fabric play, making some new samples for a fabric bowl workshop later in the year. And boy it was fun! I just dipped into the brightest fabrics I could lay my hands on....and let rip!

There are I am sure many ways to make a fabric bowl, in the past I have used my embellisher (needlefelting machine) to lay down the fabrics and blend them together, but here I decided simply to use free maching embroidery, as not everyone has the luxury of an embellisher. This made a different challenge but I think it worked well. As usual with my work it's a great way to recycle fabrics, using even tiny scraps to add to the colour mix or to add texture.

and why stop at one when you could have three? and notice the holes I cut out, I am really enjoying circles and holes, and what they offer in terms of altering a surface and creating a different sense to the structure...

thought for March: in art as in life...
no rules
just play
be authentic
be honest
have fun!

see you again soon for the latest hot off the press happenings here at Fabric HQ! 

stay creative!