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Friday, 12 January 2018

new year, new ways...

wishing you all a very Happy New Year...thank you for being here and sharing my journey through life and textile art...

they say "old ways won't open new doors" and I have adopted this as is my motto for this year...what can I do or be different in order to create my new reality?? 2018 feels full of promise and opportunities, already things are very different to last year. 

I have started clearing out again in the house, a little bit each day. We have a new sofa, a new bread bin, and await a new freezer(so exciting!) and I am looking forward to sorting out cluttered rooms and gradually introducing more harmony and simplicity. It is a process to be savoured and enjoyed...each layer removed lifts and enhances the spaces, and bring ideas for new things and new ways. 

I have even been making beautiful new cushions, blinds and curtains...a rare treat to use my sewing machine for craft not art, and I am open to doing more, it's so relaxing and satisfying. Even using my beautiful Harris tweed that has been waiting patiently to be made into something lovely. And after 20 years in a home it is certainly time for some fresh new items, designs and colours! It allows energy to flow in a new way. 

Yesterday I asked for a gift from The Universe something to surprise and delight, as I often do...as I stood in the local supermarket car park, a beautiful skein of geese flew overhead in long sinuous lines...such a joy to see, I always feel uplifted by signs from nature. And then in the charity shop I felt compelled to pop into, a stunning pink wool coat hung quietly on the rack... perfect size, brand new, price £6!! It is now home, washed and awaiting a first outing. How does it get even better than that?

On the work front I have been offered some fantastic new creative opportunites, a series of community workshops to create banners to celebrate 100 years since the Suffragettes, and not one but two commissions for large pieces of work. Scary? yes, but exciting too, taking me out beyond where I could have dreamt of being, so easily. It seems the less I do, the more Life brings me perfect things and people.

Last year saw the setting up of an arts collaboration in the Eden Valley, here in Cumbria: The Eden Valley Artistic Network (EVAN), and we are now in the process of setting up a West Coast version,(WestCAN) the idea to create a support and collaborative group, as so often artists, musicians, writers and others work alone and it is so beneficial to connect with other similar folk. EVAN last year ran an arts trail and has now just set up its' own gallery in Penrith which is fantastic. It empowers artists to take charge of their own destiny, together we are powerful! 

So many new things are happening...and in the meantime, apologies if you've been waiting for my new workshop dates, I have had to wait for information on projects, and am now about to sort them out for the year...

An artist may wear many hats...designer, maker, project manager, publicist, admin officer, secretary, artistic director, creative director, photographer, technical department, teacher, workshop facilitator...all of them fun and creative if I allow them to be so! 

I'll see you again soon, as I have some fab photos from my visit to the EVAN gallery a few weeks ago...lots of inspiration!

have a fun weekend...remember "every day's a play day!"