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Sunday, 19 November 2017

mind the gap...

well where did October go that's what I'd like to know? My apologies for lack of appearance here, but cunning plans went all asunder as family events took over. The passing of a loved one, even after a long life well lived impacts on every aspect of daily life, the heart carries many memories, the threads of 'another' woven into the fabric of who we are, stitched in place with every smile and joyful moment remembered, every kindness felt and recorded. Family ties are strengthened by connection and reminiscence as we share sorrow and laughter mingled. There is only love at the end of the day.

Tempest fugit...not half! Suddenly November is upon me and the date of our Christmas 'show' grows ever closer. I am back in my studio, with renewed heart for my work. I have been quietly making, new work has emerged and I am pleased with the outcome of the process. Old work has been cut up and juxtaposed with new in a pleasing and exciting manner! Sketches, photos and feelings start to merge into new ideas and compositions, as fabric play leads the way.

First off is brooches, small and fun, each one unique! Individually created from upcycled fabrics, needlefelted and stitched then beads added by hand...so they become a mini work of art. Inspired by the theme of stone, heather, sea, earth and rust...starting
off with sea and stone...

wishing you a peaceful and creative weekend...


  1. its my Pleasure to read your blogs post are very exelent thanks to give good informasion

    1. thank you, I am grateful that you have enjoyed!