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Thursday, 27 July 2017

now it's all over...

and life is settling back down, it seems working for the exhibition and setting it up and taking it down was all just a pleasant dream!

A big thank you to Florence Arts Centre at Egremont for hosting us. I was so inspired by taking part, it really got my creative juices flowing, not least because of the venue; Florence Arts Centre is such an interesting place to visit, with all the history of the iron ore mine it once was, and has exhibitions and musical events all year round... 


It was just so lovely to participate in a joint event, with the chance to collaborate with other artists...even just a cup of tea as we made plans or chatting as we set it up was as valuable a part of the whole thing as actually showing my work.

...and Diversity will be back next year, with another show! How does it get even better than that?!

Thank you too to all those who came to see the show, and perhaps booked a workshop. That was the other wonderful thing; I ran a workshop and we had people wandering in from seeing the exhibition, which meant they could see 'making' actually happening, linked with the exhibition. There were also demonstrations by some of the artists, and altogether it made for a lively 'alive feeling' event, with lots of connections and inspiration!

So if you didn't get to see the work , here's a little taste of what the group had created:
work by Jenni Payne, Susan Denham Smith, Jan Cottam, Diane Standen, Ruth Moore, Maureen Hogg and Sue Cosham 

Apologies for the long gap in my blogging, just been focussing on workshops and various other life affairs...and I am delighted to say some of my work has been selected for the
at Rheged near Penrith, 9th sept - 5th November

...and now C-art Open Studios is looming (8th -17th Sept) so I'm back off down to my studio...

have a creative weekend!