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Thursday, 11 May 2017

workshop delights...

all you need is boxes of fabrics, imagination and enthusiasm...and this is what you get! I had 2 talented makers for this new fabric bowl workshop...and we all had fun! I watched and helped and they just played and produced these fabulous textures and colours!

May I introduce the stitching crew today...Andrea and Heather, and their wonderful sewing machines...and that magical embellisher...

pink glorious pink! Andrea tackles a very adventurous bowl...

icecream colours....and a rich glorious mixture make for 2 very different bowls from Heather

Heather's on the left in rich purples and turquoise with a streak of pink, Andrea's in sea blues with lovely yarny textures, and a flash of pink again!

I love the contrast in colours between Andrea's bowls, and that fantastic shape she cut in her pink bowl...

all in all, a wonderfully creative day with a beautiful outcome as I'm sure you'll agree!

as it says in Heather's pastel bowl, Dream Bigger! I think that says it all!

have a creative weekend...


  1. These are lovely, it would s fun learning new crafts xx

  2. thanks Lyn, they are! I think the makers enjoyed their day, and so did I!