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Sunday, 19 March 2017

New Quilting exhibition..

What a joy to visit this fantastic quilt show last week at Rheged, in Cumbria. I could go again and still see more to relish in all the details and variety of the stunning work. It's so good to see a high quality textile exhibition, in the North and so close to home! Hurray for Rheged and The Embroiderer's Guild! If you haven't been yet do go. 70 quilters from the UK and Cumbria are represented in a wide variety of styles and materials, traditional and contemporary.

There's so much more to see and enjoy when you see the actual work in front of you, you can almost feel the makers' hands as they handle the cloth, and stitch and create. Here's a small taste of what's on show...


Sarah Impey painstakingly stitches her text letter by letter, the text being part of the design, her choice of fabric and words making social commentary. I love the rhythm and feel of this piece. And this scroll of work by Elizabeth Brimelow intrigued me with its form and flow.                                  

Some of Kate Crossley's complex creations stand tall, challenging the notion of a quilt being something you put on a bed! And I love Maddi Nicholson's work created with Levens' Quilters, of these Cumberland Wrestling outfits...celebrating the first Women's world championship for Cumberland and Westmorland wrestling was held at Ambleside Sports last year.

Cas Holmes is one of my favourite textile artists, it was a joy just to be in close proximity to her work and see the stitches and marks so close up and personal. Here her work is next to the intricate and beautiful work of Marijke van Welzen.

Alicia Merrett's beautiful quilted maps stand out with her use of colour, and the simple lines and shapes and textures which make up her distinctive work.

More of Elizabeth Brimelow's thoughtful work celebrating fabrics and life's connections. This is "461 Days: A slice of My Life" with a piece of fabric to suit each day.

In a small exhibition space in the centre of the gallery is a special exhibit of four quilts from the Hellbeck Collection, loaned by the Blackett-Ord Family. The quilts were originally collected by Rosemary Blackett-Ord from 1950 onward, and the quilts themselves date from as far back as the 18th Century. Here I have placed details of the old quilts alongside work by Janice Gunner(top right of this photo) as I liked the juxtaposition of new and old, all hand stitched, old fabrics recycled.

Another fascinating piece is this huge shirt by Eszter Bornemisza, the question arises is it a quilt or not (2 layers of transparent fabrics with a layer air in between!)...I just loved the piece, for its scale and the way the fabrics were used.

so much to see and enjoy...its on until 23rd April so plenty of time to go again!

and later the same week I visited Tullie House in Carlisle for their exiting and thought provoking exhibition 'Radical Craft'. 

A mix of media including textiles, and some very interesting creations. I was especially interested in the way fabrics and textiles were used, and the pieces on show from the Nui Project, where garments are massively overworked with stitch, making very different surfaces.

"This touring exhibition from 'Craftspace' and 'Outside In' highlights the work of 34 international and UK artists who express their creativity beyond the bounds of taught convention, revolutionising the way we see modern craft. The featured artists are either historically renowned and associated with the 'Outsider Art' genre or contemporary artists, many of whom are self-taught and see themselves as facing barriers to the art world for reasons including health, disability, social circumstance or isolation."

altogether a grand week with 2 trips out providing me with lots of inspiration and food for thought.  

Spring time...new growth in all things!

hope you've been as inspired as I was!