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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

postcard play...

new year...daughter mine returned to her place of education and parties...house cleared of post Christmas 'stuff'...been down to the studio to visit and stash decorations...but how to recommence making??

Last year life took centre stage over making...this year I want to do things differently and put creating to the forefront as I am sure it holds the key to life. It is so easy to allow life to roll you along, this year it is my intention that my focus is on creativity and on my art...whatever that proves to be.

I was talking to a friend who is a printmaker and ceramicist (if you want a label)...she's a creative soul to her fingertips. I asked what sparks her creativity and she said it can be anything, perhaps a snippet of something textured which will set her off on a process of exploring...and with the alchemy that is printmaking, happy accidents may produce wonderful results. But the process is key.

So thank you Helen @ Delicate Stitches who was busy making postcards for an exhibition. I found myself making 2 small pieces, exploring adding paper to textiles, which has helped me to start back in an easy, accessible, achievable fashion...and a little bit different and rather exiting! I am learning to love paint and paper, and I adore stitching paper. I didn't send them in, just made them, a catalyst to start me making again.

second one next time...



  1. Beautiful! Such a good way to gently start the creative ball rolling, thanks for sharing and I'm glad I helped inspire you a little!

  2. thanks so much Helen, good to connect with you my kindred spirit!I loved what you did and was duly inspired! a nice small achievable result x