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Saturday, 31 December 2016

making a mark...

hello and welcome back to a brand new year, a new look blog, thanks to the wonderful free editing software I found on the internet (here if you're interested!)and it's a fresh start all round.

2016 was a pretty big year in terms of change for me (THANK YOU for the opportunity to GROW!!) and I'm sure for you too, and the world at large. As the Buddhists say..Life IS change...without change there is no evolution, so I look forward to reaping the rewards of those changes and continuing to move forward, growing in peace and in joy...

Daughter mine now established at her place of higher education, and highest fun! She is relishing her wonderfully expanded life so here's to all of us enjoying the same...

Does anyone else listen to Abraham/Esther Hicks on Utube? If you do you'll know who I mean and why I say... "I love where I am and I'm eager for what's coming next..." and if you don't then go check it out!

New diary and calendar...new thoughts and ideas...new ways of approaching life...or maybe just more 'allowing' of life to flow through me and bring me to the perfect things waiting for me! 

Just before Christmas kicked off I decided to really READ one of the many books in my studio, to study and try the exercises in it as I want to expand my knowledge and develop my practice....so I picked this one, Mark Making by Helen Parrott, a beautiful inspiring book

I am drawing more and more which continues to surprise and delight me as I am beginning to realise and feel how important this is, after years of not really knowing why I 'should' draw (years at college and no-one really convinced me!) It is becoming more and more important to me both as relaxation and in my artwork. 

And mark making is the basic fundamental part of drawing...hence the photos are some of those I took to start to look at the marks we see all around us, in nature and man-made. In fact observing is the key, then making marks in response to the looking. And using my left hand (non-dominant) makes marks that are surprising and exiting! Black and white photos seemed the prefect choice to simplify the marks I recorded.

well do let me know what you think of my new look blog...and a big THANK YOU you being there, supporting, reading, commenting, it's so good to be among kindred spirits

wishing you all a very creative and healthy 2017...living happily ever after starts right now!


Saturday, 24 December 2016