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Thursday, 17 November 2016

just stitchin...

just loving being back in my studio...I've even been tidying up! It is so satisfying to start sorting out all the piles and get a sense of order...I'm sure it all helps feed my creativity and it certainly makes me feel good. 

My intention today and every day is INSPIRED action...I suddenly found myself clearing out the garden shed the other day, not a big job but it's needed doing for a while...I went to pick spinach for a green juice and lo, there I was pulling everything out of the shed. And boom, it was done! And now every time I open the door, sometimes just to look and admire it...shed love is the way to go!

So INSPIRED action is my new way of living, letting go of the 'to do' list, which frankly will never get done, instead I am tuning in and asking what to do...and then I have another 'shed' moment, this time in my studio...or perhaps in the house, or garden. It makes for fun because it's unplanned, unexpected and so easy. 

I want to listen to that quiet little voice inside me, nudging me gently towards something, and ignore the loud shouty voice in my head, ahem "hi ego, I know you're there but really, you want me to do what? I don't think so my friend...I'm off for a lie down, or a walk or listen to some music, then we'll see!"

So here's a little frivolity from the studio...playing with colour and texture, playing with abstract shapes and allowing the composition to evolve as I work with the fabrics and stitching...

and I'm loving creating work for our Christmas show... here's the date for your diary, be great to see you there...Phil clears out his beautiful workroom and we take over and have such fun arranging all our artyness in a harmonious way, creating a magical space...
have a fun week!