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Friday, 6 May 2016

feeling gratitude...

it's so simple really, life, it's just so easy if we understand how it all works and how magical it can be...I know that lots of people nowadays are realising the how The Universe works, the importance of our thoughts and how they create our reality, how we give our energy to what we focus on...so when we focus on pleasure and fun and love we get more of it showing up...and how gratitude opens even more doors to joy!

so I thought I would mention this lovely giveaway from Textile Artist first... if you'd like the chance to win this fabulous new book from the wonderful Val Holmes (I saw her work at Knitting and Stitching show a few years ago and just loved it!)...just click on the Textile Artist link here or the image and go enter this lovely Giveaway from Joe and Sam at the marvellous resource that is Textile Artist...


I've read some brilliant books over the years, on art and life... and my latest is by Dr Joe Dispenza, on rewiring your brain, so I am meditating and learning and changing what and how I do...he also has some great utube videos which help explain things that I used to think were just weird and spiritual and something I did but I didn't really understand why they worked! Well he explains things in terms of science and brain scans which is right up my street...and it's just made a huge difference, work in progress but watch this space!

I'm also reading Big Magic which is about creativity...and of course working through my Shining Year workbook by Leonie Dawson to help me get the business side humming nicely! She marries art and creativity with nitty gritty very beautifully!

when you focus and give your energy to positive things it's amazing how you shift...and the 100 day project is a case in point, I have been showing up, even on days when it seemed to be the last thing I needed to do and lo and behold my creative juices are getting juicier! One thing leads to another quite magically, because I am focussing on what I can do, even in 5 minutes. Here's a taste of this week's quick mark making fun, with paper, paint, print and drawing...

and this one even lead me to a small fabric sample which was fun...

I am also trying to finish off some UFO's so that when I get back to full on creating it will be with a clean slate. It's always good to have several pieces you are working on...but it is also helpful to finish and move on.

So with a final flourish for today..ta da, drum roll please as I unveil a finished piece, inspired by the lovely textures of lichen...and no longer lurking but done, and thank you embellisher and sewing machine I am grateful for your assistance!


I think that deserves a Friday treat...now what shall I choose to celebrate? a walk, lunch out, a bunch of flowers...or just that nice smug feeling of satisfaction...how does it get any better than that?

have a happy weekend...and don't forget to enter to win the Val Holmes book



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