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Wednesday, 2 March 2016

monochrome for a change...

I'm trying new ways and new experiences, doing things differently in 2016, getting out of my comfort zone...so I signed up for another online workshop with Dionne Swift, this time 'Drawing For Textiles' so I have had another glorious two weeks of playing and experimenting!

for the first week it was drawing with all kinds of media, in various ways to get us to really look at a group of objects...

and the second week we moved into textiles, in monochrome to keep it simple, which is a pleasure in itself...

as you may know by now from reading my blog, my embellisher is my 'other' best friend, but here we were using it in a different way, to translate marks made on paper into fabric...a new challenge and one which brought lots of interesting happy surprises, check out here the front and back of my samples (I often turn work over to check out the back as it can show a different unplanned dimension!)

it is always good to try new ways of doing things, it builds new neural pathways in my brain and opens my eyes to opportunities for growth and development in myself and my work...as well as being fun, so really it's a win:win situation. I heartily recommend Dionne's courses, online so in your own time and space, with a Facebook group from all round the world to hook up with and share...how does it get any better than that?

see you again soon for more new and fun experiences...



  1. Fabulous work and thank you for the link to the online course too!

    1. Hi Virginia, thanks so much, I really had fun and am so happy to share :)