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Friday, 18 September 2015

Friday night and it's C-art again...

The end of week one...it's been a joy so far!

you might think I haven't tidied up at all when you see my desk under the window, but as I am on my own this year I haven't had to clear it out for Steph the Printmaker...so it shows a bit of how my studio normally looks!

overall I have cleared away my boxes of fabric (thanks goodness for a loft!) and stashed things in any and every available nook (don't look under those white sheets, they hide a miriad of odd things!)
when I start to hang and lay out my work I wander round and round with a piece in my hand looking where to put it, and gradually colour themes just appear... it's a kind of magical process and so enjoyable to see one item marry up with and complement another 

here's an autumnal feeling, all browns and rusts (ignore the pink files!)

and there are blues over here...

and here...

and opposite are the brights, red, pink, orange...flame colours

hot pink, warm coral and lovely tweed handbags (actually that orangey tweed bag sold last weekend!)

and on this wall daughter mine is fundraising for her trip to Peru...she's created some lovely pieces of art,and I just love the way she's laid them out so imaginativly. Her work refects her passion for the ecology she wants to study, and the chance to go to Peru to do conservation work is just so exiting. She may no longer doing A' level art (an 'A' at her AS level will do!) but her innate creativity just comes out...even her price tags are arty!

my white shelves are great for showing pieces off, and I love arranging seedheads in amongst the art...

outside this little window the ridiculously tall heleniums wave in the sunshine, and make me think someone is passing by to visit...

I love meeting new people...some have visited before, some are regular C-arters...all are welcome to browse and enjoy just being in the space...while outside there is the beautiful countryside and chickens, ducks, donkeys...and we've had some stunning weather, the Indian summer we were promised has lived up to its name. 

and I'm getting out to visit other studios too which is always wonderful and inspiring...C-art is a celebration of art and craft at its best and a chance to see other people's studios and creations and to talk methods and inspirations...just to network with fellow makers is joyful...

How does it get any better than that? 

have a fun weekend...and maybe I'll see you over the next 2 weekends! C-art Open Studios is on till Sept 27th, check the website for opening hours and details here

Emma xx


  1. oh Emma..I just love your studio space! How fun..and neat that your daughter is crafty too. All the best! Julia x

  2. thanks Julia, I am soo lucky on all counts!x

  3. Hi Emma ....We so enjoyed our visit to your lovely studio today.You made us so welcome .Thank you for sharing your beautiful work space with us . Hope to see you again soon x

    1. thanks so much for coming Sandra, so lovely to have you visit me, I am always so happy to welcome people and share and talk, it's a joy!x

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    1. thanks Deanna, nice to have you here, and thanks for the feedback! x