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Saturday, 16 May 2015

my new best friend...

is my embellisher, my needlefelting machine...purchased 3 years ago

up till then I was a One-Machine-Woman, I only had eyes for my beloved Pfaff sewing machine, bought by my Mum as a 21st birthday present...when I was 31! We finally managed to get to the sewing machine shop together and choose, and I chose it because it had a walking foot and at the time I was interested in quilting...what I loved about quilting was the fabrics and the surface texture of the quilting...although I have come a long way since then, my inspiration is still texture and stitch...

But as I say a new girl on the block appeared 3 years ago, and it is taking texture to new dizzy heights...I have been having great fun playing and creating new surfaces and fabrics by mixing and mingling all kinds of fabrics...but be warned! it's better than chocolate and almost as addictive!

and currenty it's taking my work in new directions and I'm loving  the freedom of it...please note that stitch is still an essential part of my art so Fifi my Pfaff is still my dear one (sigh!)

which is just as well as I have Art in The Pen coming up in Carlisle, 20th and 21st June...lots to do, exited yes, scared, a little but loving having something to aim for...and of course in means painting more things white...

guess that's my weekend sorted! Wishing you a wonderful one...

Emma xx


  1. Lov your work, I recently purchased an embellisher and love playing with fabric and texture so am really enjoying your blog!

  2. thanks Irene, it's a wonderful tool to have! aren't we lucky!