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Friday, 6 March 2015

playing in my sketchbook...

my desire in 2015  is to use a sketchbook more widely than I have done over the last few years and so I am deliberately 'allowing' myself time for playing with paint and paper, alien tho they can be to a textile focussed person...

it is scary but if nothing is right or wrong, nothing has to lead to anythingthen I'm just playing with marks in colour or black and white... it is simply connecting with my right brain and being creative, in a child like way...and is meant to be fun!! I think we can all get way too serious in our creative world and think too much about outcome and not enough about what is really important which is simply the process which takes us for a ride...

and sometimes it can take me into something with fabric and stitch as here with these beautiful seedheads and dried sweet corn cobs from  the veggie patch...I felt the urge to play with organza and layers and heat gun and stitching...and I am waiting for the next step to show up, at the moment there's some interesting textures and potential for more...

think I feel a soldering iron 'need' coming on...anyone got one they can recommend?

and it's been so interesting watching my daughter now doing AS level Art (and a huge amount of work, in no way a soft option!!) and I am loving her creativity in her sketchbook and where it takes her. She has no boundaries or rules seemingly and a great eye and feel for visual effects, I would be delighted to share some of her work maybe later in the year when it's all been marked...and the dust has settled!

enjoy a creative weekend...

Emma xx


  1. Yay for you being brave enough to risk some sketching..and sharing it too! Such a scary thing to do (I know...I have the the same fears) I look forward to seeing some of your daughter's work..I bet she is just as amazing and as talented as you are!

    1. aw shucks! she mostly does her own thing, I love the way youngsters have no rules! and I forget that magically I can reply on here now!

  2. Exciting stuff! Love the drawings of the leaves. Re soldering irons, Margaret Beale is your lady. Make sure you get something quite "pokey" in terms of power. Mine is 18W. One of my students could a good one at ScrewFix!

    1. thanks for that, v helpful, have ordered one from Ms Beal tonight! :)