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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

catching up...

apologies one and all for the distinct lack of blogging over the last few weeks, not like me to be silent when there's textiles and stitching to talk about...and a bit of life thrown in. Put it down to hormones and winteryness, sometimes it's enough just to keep warm around here! No central heating is ok most of the time but when the icy winds hit Cumbria I am to be found toasting myself by the woodburner of an evening (if no one else gets the comfy chair first!), and by the day in the kitchen with legwarmers, several cardies and if necessary hat, gloves and fleece...and that's with an Aga!

Not a pretty sight but it works...I seem to do a lot of sitting down either sewing or computering if I am not careful and unless a brisk walk ensues it can be a tad chilly. Yesterday I even hoovered which had the same warming effect...and created a cleaner looking room or two. Sometimes I put on some music and dance...wish you could be here to join in! 

I shall perhaps have to write a blog post about the 'Home Alone' artist and what I really get up to!!

As I write, a blizzard effect seems to be blowing snow around outdoors so maybe the forecast is right...can't say I'm looking forward to putting the chickens and ducks and co to bed if this keeps up, so to take my mind of it I shall show you a recent piece of work, hot off the sewing machine...and at least we have lighter nights so that is cheerful too!

I love having natural bits and pieces around my studio to inspire, somehow I still feel autumn and winter are in my head, not quite ready to shift seasons...

I love creating landscapes made from wool as it seems so appropriate to use cloth which comes literally off the fells I see around me...

If you haven't used an embellisher I can happily say I love mine..it helps create new fabrics and surfaces with such ease...so much so that I am going to teach some workshops this year for people to come and try out using one...check out my workshops here if you're interested...


now for the fun bit...what shall I put in the foreground? a cheery pinky red fabric pops into my hand, just a scrap, but that is plenty to create a warm contrast to the neutral background...

and I am happy with the result, a finished piece is always satisfying...I will show you some of my ufo's next time, I am keeping up with my self-imposed-finishing-off-of-pieces from last year...BUT there is always the temptation of a new idea just waiting to lead me astray!

have a creative week...

Emma xx


  1. thanks I appreciate your cheery comments!

  2. What a lovely piece. I like the stitching on the cream fells in the background. Really effective. I use black thread a lot in my free motion as sometimes colours similar to the fabric don't stand out enough.

    I am going to have a bit play with some colours and shades that contrast to see if I can get an effect that is slightly more subtle than just black. You have inspired me! :)

    1. thanks for that! it is fun choosing what goes best, I was pleased with the white thread and how it worked on dark background, all very simple but satisfying! enjoy!