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Thursday, 22 January 2015

a fresh start

after Christmas and New Year sometimes it's hard to know quite where to start...getting back to school and work routines, no more lying in bed in the mornings and going to bed late, and it seems that winter has done that January thing and got much colder. Though there is the positive note of the nights getting lighter...keeping animals and putting them away at night means this is noted more closely than might otherwise be the case. We had 29 mile an hour winds last week (loud and wild!) and then a scattering of snow, the fells looking so pretty in this dusting which brings out the line and texture of the landscape so beautifully.

and an exiting item in the post...hands up those of you who recognise the publication? I am delighted to say it has a mention of my blog in it...a thrilling way to start the year! I welcome any new readers from anywhere in the world, but especially if you find me via this...I have to say it's a great magazine with loads of vibrant textile activities and makers featured. Well worth a subscription, and great to see what textile artists and makers in Australia are up to! Thanks Universe and Down Under Textiles...how does it get any better than this?

my plans for this year are many and varied and I am determined to finish some of my projects from last year as well as doing new work. Last year I created a wall hanging called Precious Cloth, thinking about how families kept cloth and clothing as they were costly to buy so had to be re-used...or perhaps kept and treasured because they had special memories. 

I then felt a piece of clothing would be my next challenge...based on an Elizabethan bodice and inspired by a Victorian black lace cape belonging to my Great-Grandmother. 

Layers of cloth, lace and stitch create a new fabric, a new garment from old, precious cloth handed down and treasured through layers of time and generations, used and re-used, cut and reassembled so nothing is lost or wasted. A silvery thread laces the front, connecting the lives of the women who perhaps wove, worked or wore the cloth.

the front is complete and the back is half worked...so my aim is to get the whole thing fully fashioned...and then I can tick it off my list! It's a strange feeling when things hang around unfinished, we do all like the satisfaction of completion so here goes...

I have lined the inside with a stiffening fabric, which also is a suitable dull black colour...

the front of this section I layered up with red underneath then a silver organza fabric...

overstitched in a silvery grey then I had fun burning away the top layer, there may be more stitching to follow...

the piece alongside is being quilted and top stitched, velvet overlaid with organza, which will in due course be heated and distressed...which will oddly enough make me really happy!

meantime I have been out with my trusty camera recording the ice and snowyness...more beauty and inspiration, perhaps some will feed into my sketchbooks but in the meantime...I am just enjoying the tranquil stillness and bright sunshine of the frozen landscape

I trust you are keeping warm and snug if it's winter where you are...or keeping cool if it's summer...

have a great weekend...

Emma xx


  1. Beautiful photos of your work and the snowy landscape x

  2. A bit different to over here "down under" it is very hot. I love the new work and how it is moving.

  3. Gorgeous winter photos. I love the effect you got from burning away the organza. How did you do it?