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Sunday, 14 September 2014

C-art Open Studios...2014

is here again, and there is a seemless link with when we were setting up last year. Time is this strange thing, elastic, endless and very short all at the same time. Vertical and horizontal.

There is a big difference this year as we are two instead of three, which felt initially like a 3 legged stool missing a leg. Well actually it still feels very much like we are missing part of ourselves after sharing three blissful years of three artists
sharing a space, and an experience.

Heavenly weekends communing with kindred spirits. Soul nourishing indeed.

But somehow we have filled the space and it is just different. We miss Ian's clear black and white lino cuts and his beautiful handmade books... but we have achieved something, between a printmaker and a textile artist alchemy in textures and colours has occurred and we have fused, created a beautiful harmony...which gives us huge pleasure and hopefully others will see and experience it too...

We will also miss your other skills Ian, keeping us grounded, doing the tally sheet and ...counting the monies! And cycling here with homemade bread each morning...

But maybe we have to grow into the space you leave and focus on all these aspects, especially the money, which for artists always seems to be a tricksy area. We almost don't want money for our art...and yet we do because it validates us as artists and as ourselves (the two are so intertwined)...and we seek to make a living from what we do.

Increasingly I see money as love, as just another aspect of this amazing life which flows to me like air and water, in accordance with my faith and self belief in my value...it allows others to show their love and appreciation for a beautiful object created by me...

I never doubt that I will have air to breathe, food to eat or water to drink...so I choose to appply that to money. And see it only as good, and as a thing which must flow, in and out as the air in my lungs.

Now I never intended this to be about money...but there we are! Money as love deserves an airing.

and here our first visitor arrives...

and I must be off for Day 2, have a wonderful weekend!


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