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Wednesday, 2 April 2014

sunny days...

make such a difference to everything, optomism and enthusiasm rises as we ease into spring...funny how many of my posts mention the weather! I think maybe for me living in the countryside with animals to tend to means the weather has a bigger impact than if I were in town...

so this week has been a busy one with my first art textiles tutorial on a one to one basis, I really enjoyed planning and doing the session, we had some fun! and daughter mine is coming up to doing GCSEs so I'm trying to be supportive, in fact today and Thursday it's Textiles...can you imagine 5 hours at a stretch for an exam?! even tho it's creative and sewing...

our two new chickens are settling in, looking like they've always lived here! It was so funny swapping them around from henhouse to henhouse: you see what we do is put new ones in the henhouse with a run for a week so they settle and we can check they're ok, then put the old girls IN the run and let the new pair OUT to get their bearings...we go after dark and pick them off their perches and carry them twittering to themselves to new abodes! confusing all round, and the funniest bit is the two ducks who still live in the main hen house...they were off looking for their mother hen come morning!

tonight's the night...we are going to pop them all in the one henhouse under cover of darkness and see what a surprise it will be in the morning! 

and I'm busy with stitching for some exhibition entries...Mothering Sunday was so beautiful and warm, even hot, that I sat outside and stitched in the sun...glorious! and funny when my neighbours sheep popped down for a visit!

beading is so soothing...

free machine embroidery on dissolvable fabric creates this lacey effect

I have even some hand stitched french knots, a rare thing for me!

I love the vibrant colours I chose for the background, all machine embroidered...it's still work in progress and I hope it will look like a large flower centre when I'm finished...watch this space!


  1. It looks beautiful, emma and so does the weather. Looking forward to seeing this piece finished!

  2. That's fantastic, you are so talented. Lovely to hear about the hens.
    S xx

  3. How lovely to sit and craft in the sunshine - I love your new project I can't wait to see it finished. Hope you have a good week xxx