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Monday, 28 April 2014

Has anyone seen last week?

as I have no idea where it went...if you happen to find it do send it back so I can finish off whatever it was I was doing! 

suddenly it is nearly May and everything outdoors is changing rapidly, almost minute by minute...new blooms openingeach time I pass by and I'm sure you can almost hear it all growing...

it is a time of year when everything is opening out and that is joyful after being cooped up indoors, it has been a bit chilly at times, but a little warm sun entices me out often to eat outside, or just to sit and feel the warmth on my skin...

and celebrate the dandelion for it's cheery indominitable spirit!

and the humble beautiful snail...gliding on wet grass after welcome rain

and my old bike, so artistically rusting away...

and pink pink pink!!! I am so delighted with the pretty tulips I planted so long ago...and here they are in gorgeous array!

I was so happy to spot the apple blossom just coming out today...

and indoors has been blooming too...

I love taking scraps of fabric and with the aid of my embellisher and sewing machine transform them into textured surfaces just waiting for some adornment...perfect for this spring time!

all in all it makes me very happy just to be a small part of it all, witness of the Big Creation or creator of all things fabric...life is just amazing and the simplest things are often the most pleasing!


  1. Lovely, just lovely things. Really enjoying your blog, and your approach to life!

  2. Hi Emma, I just tried to comment but I don't think it worked so I hope this does, apologies if it appears twice! Thank you so much for your comment on my blog and for following :) I hope you enjoyed the show at the NEC, was it the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch one or the Festival of Quilts? :) I have bookmarked your blog to follow, I see you have chickens, how exciting :D I'd love to keep some one day :) x

    PS- nice to find a fellow snail appreciator! :)