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Thursday, 17 April 2014


comes from many places, a magazine article I cut out years ago has come to the fore as part of a series of pieces I am doing about cloth and the past. I have some Victorian clothing kept by my grandmother including a black lace cape, and clothes from early last century, some handmade,like baby clothes, underwear, nighties etc. I am fascinated by the sense of connection we get with the past and our families from cloth and clothing, such personal touches literally and an insight into or remembrance of other people's lives...

In this piece I am working with pretty feminine fabrics, some old, some new, some with memories...all layered and pieced like a kind of patchwork...like lives layered up, each fabric influencing the next cloth or layer, perhaps as we influence the next generation or are influenced ourselves by the past one, often subtly...

I love that there are memories held in the cloth...and there is a fragility to this piece as there is fragility in lives and relationships

my embellisher (needle felting machine) comes into it's own in helping me to layer and blend fabrics and to 'distress' them so they appear aged...

I seem to be starting a lot of new work at the moment and not finishing anything, ahem...but I hope to settle down after Easter and sort myself out...ready for my new workshops...still some places on Thurs 8th May Creating Flowers with Machine Embroidery if you fancy some fabric and stitching fun...

I only take 4 people in my lovely studio, with homemade cake and stunning views out of the window, and just a few boxes of fabrics...it can get a bit wild!!

if I don't see you before, have a great Easter with lots of sunshine and treats!


  1. This is looking lovely. I would love to be there for the flower workshop! A bit far, perhaps, from australia?

  2. Lovely muted, vintage type colours. A different palate to work with. I like following your journey through different colours, textures and styles. I can not make the workshop but if anyone else is reading this comment and can, please do. Emma's workroom and enthusiasm equals a very creative atmosphere.
    Happy Easter.
    S xx

  3. Hi Emma, your current work looks really beautiful. Would you mind telling me where your article is from? it looks right up my street! I know you said it was from a few years ago but I'd be very interested to see it! Thank you and happy stitching. H x

  4. I'd love to see that article too! The work is lovely & I love a room full of delicious fabrics! Good luck with your next w/s. You met some wonderful artists on that Open Studios you went on recently - I shall go back & look them up.