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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

only a week, seven days

but it's been filled with sunshine and friendship and family and being outdoors and of course, stitching! So much to be grateful for... I had my stitchy friends round to my happy studio for a morning of chat and sewing, bring your own work or do something from my materials but come and drink tea and share some making time together I said...and sew we did! Sarah's working on creating 3D with some free machine embroidery...mmm! challenging but she's getting there...can't wait to see it finished!

Helen brought some of her beautiful heart designs and sat quietly handstitching on the sofa while the rest of us whizzed on machines (in between the chat!)..aren't they lovely? and I love her work box and threads...

Jackie played on the embellisher and started a seascapey background...looking good! love the colours...

and we missed you Heather and Jane but we'll all be together again soon I hope, and we'll do some lunch and maybe some more creating together because it's joyful and it's inspiring! Thank you my friends!

I treated myself to some tulips and had half for a friend, I do love a special offer! These stunning red tulips are still cheering up the hallway..

and then a lovely surprise in the post, all the way from Australia...from Vicki, a beautiful handmade brooch...you can see her inspiring blog here, thank you Vicki, I love it! and the internet which makes connecting around the world possible...

and a trip to the northeast at the weekend to spend some quality time with my Dad, and see my sister, came back over Alson, just the best road drive though the most beautiful countryside, and hardly any traffic. Stopped in Alston for treats to take home from The Moody Baker, sorry no pics, they all got eaten!

and home to my family and a fresh new week already half over, and it's been gloriously sunny, I've been out planting seeds and watching as the garden comes to life, almost moment by moment in the warmth of the sun.

and this glorious willow harvested and drying in the sun, sums up our life here, as simple as we can make it, focussing on what really matters, or at least trying to!

have a simple week...Emmaxx

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  1. Thanks, Emma for mentioning my blog. It looks like you had a great day with good friends and I am glad the weather is improving for you. My quilt group are going on a shopping trip next week - eight old ladies in a mini bus! I am sure it will be fun. I have to remember to take my camera!