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Wednesday, 19 March 2014

a new post...

I often sit down to blog not quite knowing what I am going to write about...somehow once I start things just flow...

This is one of those weeks, I seem to have been busy, but mostly with domestic affairs, though I do have a trip out planned for Thursday, tickets booked, I am off to Birmingham for the long awaited Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch show!! A great way to celebrate the arrival of spring, with new ideas and inspiration...

It's a big thing for me to go in one day, I'll be on the train for 3 hours each way, which I'm actually looking forward to...lots of time for reading, looking out the window and resting...and I get about 5 hours there which will be plenty...I haven't been to the show since it was in Harrogate and my daughter came with me, we had a lovely family trip, and it was a nice show for her, not as overwhelmingly big as Knitting and Stitching show...so I hope to come home inspired!

Meanwhile Woolfest is on my mind, I know it's ages away but I need to feel I am putting some ideas together...so I've been playing in my studio with fabrics so as not to frighten myself off...

we'll see where this landscape goes...

and I've been reading Kate Northup's wonderful book Money A Love Story...and to kick start my journey to financial freedom have bought a lovely stamp...so that incoming bills are not frowned on but welcomed. I love the idea that electricity bills and other mundane but oh-so useful aspects of life will be thought of as the blessings that they are!

and outside is greening up and hopeful signs keep cheering me up...despite the cold and wild wind tonight(apparently it is the Spring equinox tomorrow so perhaps that's why!)...I think hawthorn is my favourite at this time of year, so fresh and green

and this is my joyful tiny white forget-me-nots, so tiny and pretty

and did you know that tomorrow, March 20th is International Day of Happiness? declared by The United Nations as a day to celebrate happiness around the world...

so why not celebrate the Spring Equinox and the Happiest Day and really go wild!

I'll think of you doing just that as I head to Birmingham for my own celebration, where better to be happy than amongst textile art and stitchy creativity!



  1. The stitched landscape is looking great already!

  2. I am looking forward to seeing the landscape finished. It looks great so far. Make sure you go by the kemshall's stall and tell us about it!

  3. You make it look so easy, but I know how much work it takes. I've seen your picture at Upfront Gallery, that's great too.
    S xx