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Tuesday, 25 March 2014

a grand day out...

to the Fashion Stitch and Embroidery Show at the NEC, Birmingham, planned, booked and suddenly there I was at Penrith station for the 8.20 train...I left home just after 7 to make sure I was on time! I love train travel...

I had a really pleasant quiet time sitting for 3 hours thinking, reading, looking at the countryside...and earwigging all sorts of one sided mobile phone conversations and musing on my fellow passengers' lives...it's always interesting to people watch on a journey...and then I was there, a fair walk from the station to the NEC down long, long corridors and then there it was...and I was in amongst the stitching, fabrics, makers, artists...heaven! 

So here's a little taste, and a big thank you to the organisers and the patient stall holders and all the lovely people I chatted to, and ate my lunch with...and all the stitch artists who shared their work with me...colour, texture, plain, fancy, all manner of ideas and inspirations...such a rich variety to cheer my soul!

and booty of course, the opportunity to visit stalls full of fabrics and threads, and exhibitions of wonderful embroidery means a little spending must happen, an exchange of energy and love in return for the pleasure of viewing and chatting, and being inspired...

I came home exhausted but filled with happy memories of a lovely day...and the inspiration will stay with me, it has lifted me out of winter torpor and got my creative juices flowing again, so good to touch base with all those who love making and stitching! Thanks for sharing!

Hope you enjoy this tiny taster, and maybe you'll be able to visit next year



  1. Looks very enticing - I'm sorry to have missed it but glad to get a flavour of it from you!

  2. I'm glad you had such a fun day and had a little stash of goodies to take home. I'm very behind in catching up with my favourite blogs so it has been lovely to catch up with all your craftiness. You have had a busy few weeks - I'm looking forward to seeing your new stitchery master pieces. Sue x

  3. Ohh, the whole day sounds wonderful!