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Friday, 14 February 2014

what I love...

about blogging is the people I've 'met' as I've gone along, it's a joy to be in touch with other folk around the world and share a little of what we like and who we are...

what I love about the internet...is it's connectedness...so a big thank you to everyone here and on Facebook who took part in my Giveaway and left lovely comments...I am pleased to announce that one of the winners is from Australia no less, see her inspiring blog Fibre Art here...and a brooch is heading out to you Vicki!

what I love about workshops is meeting people and spending time helping them get creative, it's such a joy, and to see what they come up with when let loose with fabrics, threads, and their imagination...

last weekend I taught two workshops: Saturday was creative free machining with all kinds of fabrics, in my heavenly light warm studio...as the wind and rain blew a gale outside...

Sunday was a day making an embroidered book...from this pile of fabrics a variety of interesting pages emerged...

each person brought their own inspiration...Swan Lake led the way to a series of delicate pages reflecting the tragic story

here blues and creams gradually merge on a theme of water, and flow...


 and a project of Remembrance inspired some strong and moving images

what I love is the buzz of being able to watch work gradually taking shape from the initial idea to some beautiful pieces of embroidery, and it is a priviledge to play a small part in their creation...

and what I love is being here and doing this!

wishing you a loving Valentine's day



  1. Lovely post Emma, brings back memories. Your studio is a very creative space, especially with you in it. Love the book idea.
    S xx

  2. Thanks, emma, I am watching the post eagerly. I love all the embroidered book pages. This is something I've wanted to do, but hasn't happenned and these are so inspiring, they make my fingers itch!

  3. Oh what a lovely post with all those gorgeous pictures - made me sigh to see so much lovely lace and fabric. Looking forward to more posts.