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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

waking up to sunshine...

is so uplifting, all the more so after the wet and grey days this winter has given us, today the wind is blowing hard bringing rosy cheeks after a brisk walk along the road, which I am trying to do most days...and there is much to bring hope...yesterday our neighbouring farmers brought their early lambs down the lane, tiny little scraps of life somehow surviving in all weathers

thank goodness for bulbs...these daffs are very nearly out, and a miracle of life pushing their way up through damp cold earth 

and the snowdrops are in full bloom tucked into the hedgerow

and the light makes the green fields vibrant as we await new leaves on trees 

even moss on the trees and hedges is a welcome bright shade

this tree bark bears closer inspection...I just love lichens, they seem so primitive but are astonishing in their quiet tenacity and variety of form...

and walking home into the warm kitchen is a joy after being out, even for a short while. Homemade pumpkin soup (last of the pumpkins we grew) is on the lunch menu with hummous and rice cakes..mmm!

I do love a bit of synchronicity, on Sunday my affirmation from Louise Hay was completely in harmony with the book I started reading!

I have been trying to use my intuition more in the studio as creating seems to flow better and in a more extiting fashion than if I try and control or plan it, at least it's a great way to get started, or into the flow after time away from work. Action and planning can be part of it, but intuition seems to make much better decisions and choices than if I try and push work forwards...this piece came to fruition after I started with some pink/red lacey fabric...and the rest just came through picking other fabrics and threads as to what felt right, adding some needlefelting and free machine embroidery...and the flower or seedheads are my current obsession!

I just love having the freedom to create whatever I want! Whatever makes my heart sing!

hope your heart sings too this week with whatever you love to do! xx


  1. I enjoyed that little saunter down the lane with you :) xxxx

  2. Yes, the photos are glorious. quite different to my country lane. I love all the gorgeous bulbs coming up. thanks.

  3. Great photos Emma. How did you manage to get those sheep to line up? That photo made me smile. I like mossy trees, rocks too.
    S xx

  4. The photos are absolutely glorious. The moss and lichens are lovely. At the moment it is dry as a bone here as we all wait for the Autumn rains. I love all the different stitching in your flower head piece