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Wednesday, 19 February 2014

relax...it's half term!

and the living is easy, well at least no pressures or deadlines this week, no need to be anywhere in particular by any specific time so we can all unwind...husband of patience is out there somewhere, happy in the great outdoors, planting willow cuttings...daughter mine is doing her best to get through homework and revision,  rustling up delicious muffins and mucking out chickens as an antidote to all that...

and last weekend she was running in an athletics meeting in Newcastle...which is always an uplifting thing to be part of...I love watching the youngsters (and occasional veteran!) focussed and fit, powerful and determined, quietly proud of their bodies...and they work hard to get there, as does daughter mine who now trains 2-3 times a week, outdoors, in all weathers...

Last summer was an outdoor event, this time it was indoors, on the college track, ironically on the sunniest of days, the best weather we've had for a while! As I wandered around I came across this inspiring wall art..and thought it was applicable to life in general...

I have been on a roll since Christmas looking at my life and feeling my way into new ways of being and living, gradually changing what I do...since I watched a lot of the Hay House seminars I came across all sorts of interesting people including the amazing Kris Carr, and treated myself to her book; I already had Raw Living and a friend has lent me David Wolfe...it's all very inspiring and not a little confusing, so I am taking the simple approach of one change at a time...


It all looks so fresh and appetising! I am not sure I will go all raw, as I do like hot food in the cold depths of winter, but the recipes are tempting and I have already made my own smoothie recipe...I don't always find it easy to follow recipes...so I take the gist and do my own version!

this is avocado, celery, cucumber, lettuce and kale (a few tender leaves from our veg plot!) whizzed with a little water, sadly not filtered or pure (yet!) but good enough for now, and it was DELICIOUS! And I felt incredibly virtuous! Looking for a juicer next...anyone got any recomendations?

and new work is slowly taking shape too, I wanted a change from the neutral colour palette I have been using and rich maroons and pinks seem to have popped up for me...it's amazing how opening a box of fabrics or two just gets me going, mixing colours and mingling different textiles, a little sketching (my friend Ian's beautiful card inspires too), embellish and get stitching...

free machine embroidery is just sooo versatile and just that, free! liberating! 

night time and time to stop...nowhere to work anyway! It's amazing how the space fills up!
have a happy week

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  1. I love your little floral piece. I often use stretchy stuff like this, because it has a lovely texture. I love free motion stitching, too.