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Wednesday, 29 January 2014

the magic of texture and stitch...

is what I love ...although I appreciate a printed surface, for me it has no soul without texture! The act of needle passing through a surface creates an alteration which remains in the cloth as memory, even if the stitch is removed, and whether by hand or machine is a deliberate act of mark making (as of course is printing or drawing) and changes the surface, adding texture and depth, perhaps adding colour, changing how light affects that surface...

The end result of combining fabrics and stitch is alchemy of a sort  depending on the inspiration and how the mix is made, and satisfaction can come from the any of the many directions a piece can take.

Discipline plays a part in keeping to the original thoughts or plan in order to complete...but stepping sideways to explore is always exiting! I love to play with fabrics and see where they take me...


here I've created a textured surface using my embellisher then added machine embroidery

it made a great background to layer on some poppy seedheads, whcih are textured themselves as they are felted wool

this piece grew out of wanting to layer lace and create a patched up surface, inspired by the work of Mandy Patullo and Cas Holmes...

here I've been playing using dissolvable paper and adding stitch and yarns...awaiting more work and resolution...but I love the way the light comes through the translucent surface...

inspiration can come from many places, just look at this beautiful stone...now where's that grey wool fabric, I saw it somewhere...

don't forget if you're interested in textiles do check out Textile Artist.org for some fabulous inspiring interviews and images

I'm back off to my studio, see you again soon!



  1. Beautiful work, Emma. I love the textures you have added, especially the lace.

  2. So beautiful Emma! You have such a poetic way with words too <3 xxxx