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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

second post on a new blog

is almost as exiting as my first! although it is still me here it seems as tho' I have been given an opportunity to do things afresh and so I hope it will be. I was reading Sarah's blog at Down By The Sea last night and liked her idea of using a word for the year rather than making a resolution or two. I have done this before but rather like resolutions the focus on the word fades after a while and I forget...

new 3

So I think my word for this year is very small, simple and hopefully  will be easy to focus on as I go through the year - it is NEW! This gives me plenty of scope and even just thinking of the word stirs me up inside, and this is certainly a year to let go of the past and be prepared to do things differently. 


I already try to avoid thinking conventionally and use my favourite books to help me and simply ask the Universe, sit quietly each day for 5-15 mins and allow the good to flow to me. My current really simple method is to use the Power of Afformations which I came across last year: simply focus on what you want to achieve, or focus on what you think you find hard to do...write on a big sheet of paper 'Why is it so Easy for me to.... and it just seems to work like magic! or even just say the quesion to yourself, it seems making it a quesion rather than a statement is what makes it work...Does anyone else do this?

I regularly use Louise Hay's affirmations...just love her book You Can Heal Your Life and connect with her daily affirmations on facebook, and I have her lovely desk calendar I Can Do It with a daily positive thought right here by the computer (and another in the kitchen!)

but the Afformations technique created by Noah St John (great name!)is so simple too - I decide what I want, (and assuming my Higher Self thinks it's good for me!) write it down and forget about it, I often come across these bits of paper after the thing has happened and it makes me smile! Because an afformataion asks a question it is more powerful! Check out his U-tube clip here

Product Details

It's funny I often have no idea what I'm going to blog about but today I just wanted to share this with you...something to do with the start of a new year and new opportunities for us all to do things differently!

Don't forget my new workshops are now up and available for 2014, just click on the photo below and all will be revealed...


Sadly I seem to be unable to upload photos at the moment (except by a very round about method!) as Google keep asking me to sign in and then says the feature is unavailable, has anyone else had this issue??

see you again soon, and hopefully with glamourous pics! 


  1. I like your word too! Those books look interesting I will have to investigate them! Hope you do lots of "New" things in 2014!
    Sarah x

  2. I would love to do some of your workshops, but alas it's a bit too far to come! I agree with your ruminations. I believe that creating art is more about your attitude than whether you are skilled or talented. Perhaps your attitude is what makes you skilled or good at it. Many of my students are in the 'I can't do it' stage and it is difficult to help them let go, but it is wonderful when the light bulb comes on and they realise they can do it