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Sunday, 29 December 2013

a fresh start

welcome to my new blog! thanks for making it over here and I hope you will enjoy what you find...

after 3 years of happy blogging as Emmie and Emma, I have decided that it's time for change...as my life and my artwork has changed and developed I need to be in a different space...so I have created a new blog and new name, and a new facebook page too here

it's time for a life review as the new year approaches, as I clear out the old and unwanted from my home and studio...it is exiting to start afresh and I hope you will come along on the journey with me as I explore where my life and my creativity is going to take me

I thought I'd share the very first photo I uploaded to my blog (with uncertainty and trepidation!)...I knew so little but knew I wanted somehow to be part of this amazing place where we all record and share something of our lives and loves in such individual ways...

I look back to how far I have come and how many wonderful experiences I have had both online and in 'reality'...I have met so many lovely people and seen amazing creativity and experienced the joyful sense of community here on the internet, truly a powerful force for good if you add it all up...

I am lucky to be able to spend time in my studio, free again after the holiday to get creative and with lots of good things to look forward to in the year ahead...

I started a piece as part of an exploration of hedgerows, thinking about the beauty of stark black winter outlines, with a hint of frost..or moonlight, picking out details

a quick sketch...and a landscape and vessel start to appear, the bowl is still in my head, waiting...

not sure exactly how this will work but feeling my way with the fabrics

much free machine embroidery, cutting, stitching and layering and general fiddling about, it was tricky to keep in shape but I'm pleased with it as an expression of what was in my head...

and I like the way the light filters through and the details show up

I am so happy to be in amongst my fabrics again and with time to feel my way back into creativity

so I wish you all a very happy and tranquil New Year!



  1. Loving the new blog and details in the fabric :+)

  2. Happy New Year Emma!
    I've come across from your old blog!

  3. love your work and your new blog - Happy New Year x

  4. Wishing you much success with your lovely new blog, and a very happy and successful New Year Emma.