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Wednesday, 12 September 2018

holidays and the end of summer....

back home from our holidays, and there is a noticeable silence, in the outhouses and the skies, a deafening silence, no twittering and zipping in and out...the swallows have gone. Undercover of darkness they have disappeared. They were here, and now they are not, they are off, winging their long journey across vast oceans and land masses. We who remain behind attached firmly to the earth can only admire...and look forward to their return next year.

We had a wonderful relaxing week on Colonsay, in the Inner Hebrides. It started with a 2 hour ferry journey...which takes you out to sea and away from everything! 

 And there's always interesting things to photograph at Oban harbour and on the ferry...

A small wild island, single track road going round, with a general shop (selling everything you need!), a brewery, bookshop, gallery, cafe, craft shed, and hotel, little phone signal or wifi,and just the freedom to roam inland or by the sea, birdwatching, picnics, rain or sun, and a lovely cottage to stay in, it was bliss! I took some fabrics to hand stitch and a knitting kit to make a bag to felt, we bought a bag of coal to make the evening's cosy...and it was just heavenly!

Lots of inspiration, textures, shapes and colour. Simple flowers, rocks and seaweed, sheep and birds, some rusty things and lots of shells and other sea treasures. We saw seals and a golden eagle! 

Too many photos as usual...so how about Part 2 next time...

have a fun week...we're having central heating (hurrah!) put in so being in my studio is my sanity keeper!

Monday, 20 August 2018

a textured life...

High summer and low summer, we've had it all this year, from baking Grecian style hot hot hot to cool rainy soft gentle Cumbrian days. And now as the year tilts down towards autumn, textures and colours abound, wherever your eye alights. 

We've had a pretty strange summer here, with so much change within and without. The village has seen the demolition of a beautiful old barn to make way for new houses, sad for the swifts and owls, but they are going to put up nesting boxes for them, and the stone has been recycled. It is modern life meeting the old ways, and at least there is greater awareness now of wild life. Perhaps new houses will bring new life into the place too. One has to be positive when reality is what it is! To ask for the gift in any situation...even if it's just so bonkers the best thing is just to laugh!

The village had 6 weeks of roadworks while they dug to put in fibre broadband (is that 'High Fibre'?!) where we didn't know if we could get in or out and if so which direction to go in! It was just hilarious...but not so great for local farmers, access for emergencies and getting the bins emptied! But we now potentially have more light available to us! This is the theme of the summer I think, clearing away the old to make way for the new, both personally and in the surroundings, as well as bringing in more light. All that sunshine was pretty high on the light meter!

On a biggger scale, our water has been re-piped so there were also masssive engineering works in all the fields for miles around and huge great machines everywhere, and massive blue pipes lining the greenness which is a very odd sight!

There are new houses popping up in green fields and even my neighbours too replaced an old byre with a smart new storage space. Luckily not on a huge scale, but still change all the same. I rescued that foxglove before the walls came down and it flowered for me in my garden! There is now a nice clean new watertight building which will be well used and loved, like the old one once was.

Here at home we had the builders in to give us lovely new kitchen windows, which was chaotic and messy to say the least, but now we have so much more light and the view is just stunning, I feel like I am in the garden and the landscape! Yes, there is redecorating to do and a new worktop was required...and no we didn't spend £100's on a new one, we found an old flat door and my clever husband rounded the corners and it awaits a coat of paint!!

Keeping sane has been the name of the game...lots of gentle walks and some creativity and reading...and of course sitting in the garden.

Yesterday I took a walk and took photos of some of these lovely shapes and textures seen before I even got out of the top of our lane! There are advantages even to building works...lots of interesting things to inspire!

and I've been in the studio, clearing up and sorting after our exhibition, planning workshops and playing with new ideas. A friend's daughter came round who is in her 2nd year of her textiles degree, and we've had 2 great sessions creating with fabric and paints and stitch together. You just can't beat connecting and playing with other artists, it feeds you both and makes it all much more fun and productive somehow.

so here's to calmer days and more delightful collaborations!

Saturday, 21 July 2018

exhibition and an open day...

hot, hot, hot weather and delicious summer everywhere, and our exhibition all looking good. We all arrived at Florence Arts Centre on 23rd July for a Grand Open Day, or Meet The Maker'...

We set ourselves up indoors and out, to show off what we do - silk painting, spinning, needlfelting by hand and machine, machine embroidery, rag rugging and lino cut printing...so much to see! We had a lovely day, with lots of visitors including those fresh from Woolfest...we had the Florence knitting group in and people showing off their Woolfest stashes in a mini 'show and tell'...or perhaps that should be 'show and confess'! It was a like a party!


Even extreme ironing...outdoors!

It's been lovely to be part of a group of such diverse talents, all creative souls but in different media, mixing our skills and abilities mades for an exhibition showcasing traditional skills but with a 21st century twist.

SO what will be next I wonder? well we'll have a get-together and a cup of tea to talk about the exhibition and see what we'd like to work on, ready for next year! It's great to have something like this to aim for as it really brings focus to our making.

I am back to workshops and planning and making...back in my studio with ideas for some commissioned work. And of course, getting out in the garden, veg patch and further afield to really maker the most summer with my family and friends!

Enjoy your weekend...

Saturday, 30 June 2018

it had to be ...Woolfest ...again!

was it only a week ago I arrived home happy, exhausted and foot weary from the best textile event of the year...

I am probably only slightly prejudiced as not only is Woolfest very local, and I have been going every year bar 1 since it started, and I was lucky enough to have stall there 3 times(!) a few years ago, BUT it never fails to brighten all our lives with its variety and inspiration and all the lovely people, be it visitors or stall holders, or the hardworking gang who make it happen. Another triumph in my book...and I only came home with a small stash of goodies, honest!

Here's a few of the fab makers who I loved this year...there are so many there, too many to mention, I know we all have our favourites!

so many colours, textures, yarns, fabrics, woolly everythings, and of course the wonderful animals, without whom none of it would happen. If you haven't been, make a date for next year, come and have a holiday in lovely Cumbria and don't miss it!

happy creating

Tuesday, 29 May 2018

in the summertime...

when the weather is hot hot hot! It's been an amazing few days of beautiful weather, but so warm I've been glad to be in the cool of our old house, or in my studio (any excuse!). Cumbria is usually a coolish place...shade is now imperative! It is blissful to be out in skirts and skimpy tops, exposing skin to the elements after the wintry jumpers and layers.

The garden is looking full and I am putting extra flowers in pots and hanging baskets, a little at a time...and my husband has been doing a major overhaul of the veggie patch...so it's full steam ahead with summer...for now!

I've had notification from the fabbydo people who have provided the Networked Blog gadget thingimibob, all these years for free, and sadly they are withdrawing this service. So all you lovely folk who follow me by this means sadly will no longer be able to do this. SO thank you dear followers...and I hope you will still be able to read this in some way!!I have added on 2 new widget gadgets so you can subscribe by other means or sign up for email notifications...so perhaps that will assist! See the bottom of my side bar for those.

In the midst of new flowers, seedheads are also appearing, probably hastened by the heat...I so love honesty flowers in all their different stages don't you?

And how about these delicate poppies, so fragile and generous with their beauty! 

I am so grateful for all this loveliness and the fresh air and birds singing...it's truly glorious...but meanwhile I am stitching and creating thankfully and joyfully as it's really all coming along nicely now...happiness all  round! Paper and stitch is so satisfying, one of the wonders of soluble fabrics and papers. You can create such delicate ephemeral structures. and yes I have been handstitching again...

so have a delightful summery week, enjoy whatever you're doing!

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

a sea change...

I always enjoy a little trawl around the charity shops, inspiration can come from the oddest mix of fabrics, and there are always bargains to be had, 'lashings' of materials in garments, scarves and wraps. Plus I am making a donation to good works. I don't generally confess to the nice lady serving that the lovely blouse is coming home to be chopped up and mashed!

The colours here surprised me as they are not my usual sea tones, rather darker and more sombre, but the browns and blues were perfect together. I adored the repeating circles of the blue scarf, which also gave me bonus blue lace, and so, with a hint of pale gold gleaming underneath and a splash of white foamy lace...it all came together with ease and enjoyment.

I am in the middle of making work for an exhibition so it was lovely to step away from all that for a morning and just play with these fabrics, and slowly , with layering and judicious embellishing it became what it was to be...

the all important thread choosing...which colour will work best? how does this one feel...or that one?

here is is all embellished and ready for some free machine embroidery...more choices as to where and how and how much...this too is an organic process, a little at a time, feeling into what needs to be done

the shells need to be attached somehow, hand stitching will be the way as I don't think glue would be at all appropriate, tempting tho' it is to have a 'quick fix'

a deliciously tactile close up, you can almost feel the fabrics can't you?

I love how the colours blend so nicely together, giving a sense of  sand and sea

and the final piece...oh, apart from the handstitching needed for the shells, I will do that in a quiet moment...very soon!

maybe this will inspire you to dig out those unwanted garments and see the potential in them to be upcycled into something arty too!

happy creating!